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iShare Team

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iShare Staff Team

iShare Administrators

Role: They are in charge on the whole forum and can help and moderate any where in the forum.


Color use for Moderation

iShare Super Moderators
Role: Their job is to moderate the forum and they can also help and moderate in any section on the forum.

Super Moderator

No Members

iShare Support Moderators
Role: They are here to answer all your questions on your forum and can moderate in the support section.

Support Moderator
No Members

iShare Graphic Artists
Role: Their job is to make graphics/images on the forum can moderate in the graphic lounge.

Graphic Artist

No Members

Exclamation Reminder: Please respect the decisions taken by the staff. Their role is to keep the forum clean and also here to answer some of your questions. If you wanted to contact them you can reach them via PM.

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